Matt Giordano

Matt Giordano

Matt Giordano:

Yoga instructor Matt Giordano (500 ERYT) gives credit to an influential figure from his teenage years--his high school art teacher-- for sparking within him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: "You are not allowed to say 'I can’t.' You must rephrase to a question: 'How?'"

That inquisitive and unrelenting spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devoted yoga practice. When coupled with his passion to understand the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Matt Giordano is the creator, founder and innovator of the global school of yoga and community for yoga teachers called Chromatic Yoga. He hosts Chromatic Trainings on his farm in Connecticut in the summer months and travels internationally to teach Chromatic immersions and training’s. Well-known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for all-levels students at festivals, workshops and in his weekly online classes. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the world wide yoga community is with his 200 and 300 hour teacher training’s both online and in person. His meticulous attention to detail in the physical body, driven by biomechanics and step by step technique is complemented by his love and passion for sharing non-dogmatic yoga philosophy that leaves students feeling inspired on and off the mat. 

Giordano has been featured in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Yoga Journal, and on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael. Matt is featured on multiple online platforms such as Gaia TV, and Tint Yoga, however his most in depth offerings are available exclusively at